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Hammerhead Nano

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The foldable "always-at-hand"-frame that will never leave your side!

Disclaimer2: This product consists of the frame only, no electronics!

Suggested hardware:

Motors: Tiger MT1306
ESCs: Eyefly / Maytech 6A SimonK
control unit: Flyduino NanoWii, NAZE32
propellers: GemFan 5"
camera: Fatshark 600tvl


Our new frame, the "Hammerhead Nano" was designed with the following goals:

  • Minimal transport size
  • stable and smooth flight characteristics for best video recordings
  • vibrationfree video
  • enough payload for a HD-Cam (Keycam, Mobius)

What we cam up with it the frame you're looking at right now, which will set a new standard for Nano-copters. The rigorous usage of the possibilities a foldable frame opens up allowed the frame to have a suprisingly high motor-to-motor distance for such a small frame. This helps the stability a great deal. You'll you are flying a copter in the 8" range!

Our suggested setup:

Motoren: Tiger MT1306
Propeller: GemFan 5x3 (2-blade)
ESC: Flyduino BLHeli 7A
Control unit: Flyduino NanoWii (disclaimer: only small board do fit with 32mm hole distance)
FPV-cam: Fatshark 600TVL "ccd-killer"
HD-cam: Mobius actioncam

For easier wiring and soldering please see our 32mm power distribution board!

Here are the measures:





Centerplates & motor mounts: 50g
Polyamide-parts: 20g
Arms: 19g
Screws, nuts, etc: 38g



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